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Welcome to Aj Total Care AFH, LLC.

AJ Total Care AFH, LLC is a standard and licensed group home that is located in Spokane valley, Washington in a neatly neighborhood. Our home is specifically designed and equipped with the needed accommodation gadgets to give comfort and security to all our residence irrespective of the religious affiliations, their race, and health condition. We are set to take care of people with one form of disability or the other, whether old or young.


We are a family owned business that believe in the passionate pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising services and integrity which is why we have decided to venture into the hospitality industry by establishing our own adult family home business. We are certain that our values will help us drive the business to enviable heights and also help us attract the numbers of clients that will make our facility fully occupied year in and year out.

We are going to be a health conscious and customer-centric group home business with a service culture that will be deeply rooted in the fabric of our organizational structure and indeed at all levels of the organization. Our home has been decorated in an exquisite and elegant facade, so much to meet the taste and standard of our residence.


Caring the way, you want it and deserve it!!!

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